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The article, “Teens Against Hitler”, by Lauren Tarshis, describes Ben Kamm, a Jewish boy, and his fight against war and the prejudice Nazis had for the Jewish people. The article describes, “One of the darkest and most evil chapters in history- the Holocaust.” Ben Kamm and his family lived in Warsaw, Poland in the 1920’s. “Germany had been struggling since 1918 when it was defeated in WW1.” Adolf Hitler was planning on annihilating all the Jews in Europe. The Jewish people had many challenges to deal with. All through the article, Ben showed courage and bravery. He even made a plan and joined a Partisan group to fight for the Jewish people. In Warsaw, Ben’s family’s life was normal until the city got invaded by the Nazi’s. In …show more content…

A challenge that Ben faced is that “…, all the Jewish people in Warsaw and its surrounding towns were rounded up and forced to move into one tiny area of the city.” This is a challenge because there is a humongous population forced to move into a very small place. It was called a ghetto and a wall with barbed wire was put around it so they couldn’t get out. The Jewish people were treated horribly and they were not allowed to go to libraries or parks. If they broke the rules, they could be shot. Another challenge that Ben and his family faced is that “Each resident was allotted a tiny ration of food that was barely a tenth of what a person should eat each day.” this is a challenge because his family is big family of people to only have a serving of food that was the size one person should get. This means that the Nazis treated the Jews with disrespect and no kindness. One last example of a challenge is “When he came back from the Partisan group his entire family was dead.” this is a challenge because when he came back from the partisan group and find out that your family died. That means that he might of felt sad that he did not get to see them since he

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