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Frida Kahlo, a painter of Mexican-German foundation, was born in Coyocoan, Mexico on July 6th 1907. In her life she agonized from physical and emotional pain mainly due to a serious bus accident at the age of 18 that left her with lifelong medical illnesses. Frida Kahlo is recognized for her surrealist artwork that displayed realistic ideologies of her life experiences including her life long health battles, which lead her to become ill on multiple occasions. Doctors predicted that Frida Kahlo was not going to make it after this tragic accident but her story provided says otherwise. Frida Kahlo is inspiring in a variety of ways one being that her accident did not stunt her from becoming an iconic artist. Through Frida’s story is anticipated that despite any disability one endures, there is a way to overcome, embrace and prosper throughout life.

Frida Kahlo attended National Preparatory School in Mexico City in year of 1922, where she met who would be one of her future husbands Diego Rivera, as well as …show more content…

She was able to express her life experiences through her artwork and openly expressing this allowed for her to become an iconic female artist. Lily is a pysch patient who idolizes Frida Khalo’s work “ The Broken Column”. It was explained that when Lily views this piece during her psychotherapy she is able to relate, though she suffered from different illness then Frida Khalo she was able to connect to Frida’s art work. Rather she sees the paintings as representations of her continuous state in which she is torn through the middle, ravaged by an exquisitely vicious steeliness. Like Kahlo’s dreamer, she hovers between life and death but without a rage for life that can find an expression. After reading the article on Lilly and seeing how influential Frida’s work was to her made me believe I chose the best artist and portrait, the broken Column by Frida

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