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1. Describe the major art project of Jacob Lawrence; discuss his style, theme, purpose, materials, and the reason why his work is so important to the Harlem Renaissance.
• The major art project of Jacob Lawrence that he is best known for is the “Migration Series” which was originally entitled “Migration of the Negro”. Lawrence is known for his dynamic cubism style which is an abstract art. In addition, his paintings showed a comparison of black and brown v. vivid colors. Aside from color, most of his works are flat shapes. As for the theme of his paintings, he was big on the great migration theme, and war theme such as the “War Series”. The purpose of his artwork is to showcase the African-American experience during the Harlem Renaissance. The materials he used in his paintings is called tempera which is a paint with mixtures of water and egg. Finally, his work is significant to the Harlem Renaissance because his series of paintings is a legacy that tell a story and experiences of the great movement of African-Americans from the South to the North during that period.
2. What challenges did Augusta Savage overcome to become a sculptor? How did she give back to the Harlem community?
• Augusta Savage was a leading sculptor artist during the Harlem Renaissance. Prior to her success, she had encountered several challenges to achieve the pinnacle of …show more content…

Diego Rivera is a painter and a muralist who had an abstract style in his work. Most of his themes were depicting the lives of the Mexican people. As for Frida Kahlo, she is a self-portrait artist whose style was representational. Her themes were depicting her agony of her medical condition and the sufferings she went through on her miscarriages. In 1933, the couple had a controversial collaboration of a mural called the “Man at the Crossroads” in New York City RCA building which featured Vladmir

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