The Two Fridas Essay

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The Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo When Frida Kahlo painted, The Two Fridas she was dealing with the divorce of her husband and embraced herself fully. In this masterpiece Frida illustrates her past and current self with divine detail with her skills of her brush. Frida creates a timeline through herself portrait of what was and is now by captivating her audience through the struggles of divorce, a heart condition, and losing herself. In the painting, she creates a picture in the audience eyes of her inner turmoil by illustrating through ethos and pathos. In the Two Fridas, we see two different characteristics of the same person, eventhough they represent two different people. The Frida on the left illustrates herself in a traditional European dress with a cut exposing her broken heart. On the right side, Frida is in a Mexican attire dress with a full beating heart and is holding a picture of her now ex-husband Diego Rivera. Frida choice of colors for this painting are dark and creates a sense of yearning for someone. Behind the scene, we see a stormy sky expressing depression, suffering and …show more content…

The divine details in this painting help the viewer understand her true and mixed emotions that are portrayed by the Frida on the left. While the Frida on the right side is her current self who has defeated all the inner turmoil she once had. The purpose of this painting is simple but a complicated all at the same time. Frida’s was conveying a message to her viewers that marriage a journey of beautiful memories, but also comes with tragedy in some cases. It relates to our culture and era of time, from the idea of how easy it is to get a divorce, but how the scars are still within our souls. This painting with the help of her detail illustration shows her journey through her own divorce from ex-husband Rivera and how she found

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