The Myth Of Helen Analysis

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The Iliad is linked to Helen of Troy because it shows how beauty can have a major tremble in the works of writing and craftsmanship of artists. These paintings and stories tried to explain unnatural events and teach young ones important lessons. The myth of Helen of Troy shows us that we should not be focused on beauty rather we should be focused on what is happening around us than ourselves. In the painting it shows Helen looking at herself in a mirror than at the beautiful landscape, Doves, and flowers. The poet Christopher Marlowe and artist Evelyn De Morgan describe the Myth Of Helen. Artist Evelyn De Morgan who painted Helen of Troy and poet Christopher Marlowe who wrote “A Description of Helen” both use the Myth of Helen to show that beauty can lead a person down a path of obsession. In the poem “Description of Helen,” the poet …show more content…

He reason why her dress is red is to let the person know she is the main point of of the picture in the vibrant blues and greens and brown. The mood of the painting can be described as pleasant which demonstrates the idea even though she is beautiful and beauty is around her, she is still lonely and that’s what’s making her sad. A thematic statement could be is that beauty is pleasant but but can make a person self-centered. In the background we see a wall with a river and landscape to show how tall and gorgeous these mountains are. Another detail is that she is standing in a patch of flowers with doves circling her. All of this is happening around her and she’s even looking at it because she is to self-centered to care. The reason why she is so self-centered is because she is obsessed to being beautiful. The overall picture can be pretty because of how Helen is standing in a silky red dress and looking into a mirror to fix her hair to show the overall beauty of her and the contrast from red to the cool blue and green

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