'Dramatic Irony In Harris And Me'

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In “Harris and Me,” the humor contains more Low Comedy as a result of jocose situations and circumstances. He includes quotes that are full of wit. He has farcical physical comedy involving body parts, and electrocution. He has clever, hidden ideas that may be hard to analyze, but subconsciously, put a smile on your face, making you laugh, even though sometimes you don’t know why. Let’s go ahead and bring out the big point right away. Slapstick is embedded throughout the chapter. In the story, the author described Harris getting his “business” electrocuted by saying, “In a massive galvanic reaction every muscle in Harris’s body convulsively contracted, jerking like a giant spring had tightened inside him.” This physical comedy is absurd,…show more content…
You may have to think a little for the first one. When Gooner, the narrator, is trying to persuade Harris to pee on the fence, he knows exactly what is going to happen to Harris, because he says he wanted revenge. Meanwhile, Harris had no idea what was definitely going to happen to him, or he would have rejected the offer immediately. But we knew what was going to happen to Harris, because Gooner told us. Another instance of Dramatic Irony is when Gooner met a girl and got nervous. He couldn’t talk, and Harris irreverently took advantage of this quickly. He said, “You remember the Severson kid? How he kept leaning left and ate his snot all the time?” Harris pointed at me with his chin. “It’s the same with him.” This is a great example of Dramatic Irony because the girl thinks there is something wrong with Gooner, but we, the audience, know that he is a regular person, he’s just…show more content…
Plus, when Harris has to pee on the fence, he acts like his %^&*$ is a real person! He refers to his business numerous times, and how can you explain the ‘Jesus in the Peach tree’ remark?! Hmmm?!” Firstly, I would like to address those points you made just there. Good work, they are the highlights of High Comedy in this excerpt. Yes, it does connect with Dark Comedy many times, and your grandma might even call it ‘vulgar’. The ‘Jesus in the Peach tree’ comment was, in fact, an allusion to the previous chapters, and wouldn’t have made any sense without that knowledge. But, they all refer to that dark, inappropriate comedy category. Even in the allusion, Harris calls Gooner a dope, and that changes it to fit under name calling, and vulgarity. On the Low Comedy side of things, there are so many jokes and categories it could fall under. Bodily functions, physical mishaps, victims of circumstances beyond their control, focuses on events, etc. Plus, if it is High Comedy, why doesn’t the humor focus more on the characters? A child could get most of these jokes because it is PHYSICAL COMEDY, and you don’t have to think about the joke much to get it. In conclusion, the author uses clever techniques to make the story humorous, and that includes a big chunk of Low Comedy to tickle your funny

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