Dred Scott Vs Sanford Case Study

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The court case Dred Scott vs. Sanford — 1856 to 1857 — was vital regarding the lives of enslaved or non-liberated African Americans. The outcome of this trial changed the perspective of slaves all across the United States. Rights concerning liberated and enslaved Americans from Africa were declared and enforced in this case. In 1833, John Emerson — a medical surgen of the US Army — purchased a slaved named Dred Scott. Scott lived in Wisconsin for four years on a slavery plantation. Dr. John Emerson and his family lived in Louisiana and then St. Louis up until 1843, when John Emerson passed away. Three years later in 1846, Dred Scott proposed to buy his and his family’s freedom from Mrs. Sanford. Dred Scott sued Emerson, and argued that because

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