Dreyfus Affair: Who Is To Blame?

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Dreyfus was a man who did a lot of great for Frances was accused of treason which started the Dreyfus affair. After Dreyfus was accused of treason he was sentenced and had to go to prison. A man named Emile Zola who was a celebrity saw this and he thought it was very sketchy and he tries to figure out ways to find the truth, which he does. It took a while but Dreyfus was finally set free. However, before he was set free a Jewish writer named Theodore Herzl who saw that Dreyfus be accused of treason was mainly anti-semitism and he wanted to do something about it. In 1894 the Dreyfus affair was established. The Dreyfus affair is when a bunch of French officers accused Dreyfus, a French Jewish captain in the military, of treason, accused of spying for the Germans. Even though Dreyfus had an impeccable record he was still accused of treason. Dreyfus was also falsely accused of treason and still took the blame. Many people that he was the one accused because he was Jewish, and this all led up to more anti-semitism. The military government was forced to realize that he is guilty, the documents were eventually, people forced them to release …show more content…

The Der Judenstaat talks about how Theodore how he believes that there is a need for a Jewish homeland/state. He believes that the Jews should be able to move to Palestine which is meant to be their homeland according to history (the Torah). The jews should be able to go there but, he didn’t see this only for the Jews and it should come by force. He believes that it would be immoral if we don’t include everyone and we should all be united. Theodore believes our motto must be, man you are my brother. Der Judenstaat was also the birth of political Zionism, which help him try to create a political state for the jews. Theodore Herzl is a man who puts a lot of effort into his work and

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