Sofka Skipwith: A Tragic Hero

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The Holocaust was a long tragedy that started in 1933 and lasted until 1945. During this time, millions of Jews were taken from their homes by German soldiers and moved to concentration camps. There many of the Jews were separated from their families tortured, and killed. Even though this was a hard time to live through there were some heroes who tried to save the Jews by hiding them or even making them fake passports to get away. One of the heroes was Sofka Skipwith who got fake paperwork from the French to help the Jews escape.
Sofka Skipwith was born in St. Petersburg, Russia during 1907. She was an ex Russian refuge who was married to Leo Zinovieff and they had two kids together. Her Dad was known as Prince Peter Alexanderovitch Dolgorouky. …show more content…

When the Jewish went to show their Latin American paperwork the British realized that the paperwork was invalid. Everyone who now held a fake passport was in danger for deportation to death camps. The ones who provided the documents were also in danger.
Later on in 1944 after Sofkas repatriation to Britain she remarried to a man named Oliver. Her son Patrick soon came to live with her while her other children stayed with their grandparents. In 1960, she finally settled down and started writing after the British security forces had followed her for some years. She published her first book “Sofka: The autobiography of a princess.” She passed away from heart failure in 1994.

Sofka was a brave woman who was born in St. Petersburg in 1907. Sofka saved many Jews during the time of the Holocaust by getting fake paperwork to help them get out of the country. She went through a lot, she was captured and had to witness horrible things being done to the Jews. By helping them, she was also risking her life because if anyone were to find out she could have been sent to concentration camps and or killed. She pushed through all these hard times and saved

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