Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A Case Study

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Each year duchenne muscular dystrophy affects around 1 in 3500 male births worldwide(1).
Duchenne affects patient's whole life since it attacks skeletal system, respiratory system, and in progress stages it may attack the heart(2).The phases of duchenne muscular dystrophy help scientists understand the disease because each phase has its own symptoms. Moreover, each phase attacks specific systems and organs in the patient's body.Duchenne muscular dystrophy develops relentlessly over time, and can be divided into three phases, early phase , transitional phase, and teenager and adult phase(1). The Early phase of duchenne muscular dystrophy begins from the day is diagnosed until the patient is 6 years old(1).Duchenne can by diagnosed through a muscle biopsy, taking a sample …show more content…

Delay of motor milestones, inability to sit or stand independently would be the first noticeable symptoms of duchenne(4).Children with duchenne will not be able to walk until 18 months, because of the progressive muscle weakness of the legs and pelvic muscle(4).Even if they begin walking, they may have some difficulty running, jumping ,and playing(2).The early phase of duchenne may also attack the arms and neck ,but not as severely as the lower half of the body(4). Having reached the end of the first phase, there is a steady decline in muscle strength that shows the beginning of phase2, the transitional phase(4).the transitional phase of muscular dystrophy often begins between 6-10 years old(1).It develops mainly in muscle system;

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