Dulce Et Decorum Est Comparison

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Through both of his poems, Dulce Et Decorum Est and Disabled, Owen clearly illustrates his feeling about war. Both of them convey the same meaning that war destroyed people’s lives. For Dulce Et, Decorum Est, it mainly illustrates soldier’s life during war, the dreadfulness of war, whereas, Disabled illustrates how war have damaged soldier’s life. Also, the saying that said that war it is lovely and honorable to die for your country is completely against his point of view. Owen conveys his idea through graphically describing his horrible experiences in war.

In Dulce Et Decorum Est, the main idea is that it should be lovely and honorable to die for one’s country but actually it is not. Throughout the whole poem, imagery and searing tone were used to convey anger and outrage on behalf of the soldiers. In this poem, Owen uses lots of contradiction. Firstly, with the title which is written in Latin, ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ which is very upper class, language of honor. It is a contradiction between the use of language and reality. It make it seems that it is honorable to join the army and fight for one’s country while reality is the solders are suffering from war
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The poet compares the soldiers to “old beggars” in the first line and continues with “hags” in the second line by using similes, which represent how noxious the war was. “Beggar” suggests that the soldiers are begging for life, they have lost their dignity which is link to dishonour. “Haunting” indicates the fact that there is no way that they can escape, they have no choice. Furthermore, the poet continually conveys how exhausted the soldiers had become, “ Men marched asleep”. Uses of “ asleep” slow down the pace, which is link to the idea of soldiers losing awareness, from sleep to drunk. They had become dehumanized and loss all their sense of perception and awareness by their experience of the ongoing tiring
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