Durga Puja Essay

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Kolkata, on its canvas, draws two different portraits of Durga puja, one being traditional and the other contemporary. As there is significant divergence in the style statement of north and south Kolkata, the puja is also not an exception. Pujas of north Kolkata showcase traditionality in every term, from rituals to fashion whereas south Kolkata pujas convey contemporality. In the documentation of Durga puja in Bengal, Kolkata’s household pujas is another important section which needs a significant emphasis. Pujas are performed according to bishuddho siddhanto mot (a specific ritualistic genre) with the touch of traditionality. Kanad Sanyal, an avid photographer from Kolkata has captured the instances of traditional household pujas which…show more content…
It is prepared with rice at the centre of the plate and decorated with various fruits and vegetables. Durga pujor ‘Noibeddyo’ Khelat Ghosh family, 47 Pathuriaghata street, Kolkata Maa Durga or Mahisasurmardini (the form of Debi Durga killing Mahisasur with trishul) has been worshipped daily for more than 250 years in Halder family of Kali Prasad Chatterjee Street in Kolkata. Mahisasurmardini established in Halder family 171, Kali Prasad Chatterjee Street, Kolkata Mallick family in Darponarayan Tagore Street has celebrated 262 years of their puja in 2014. Ek-chalar Thakur Mr. and Mrs. Mallick in 32, Darponarayan Tagore Street, Kolkata If one carefully observes the previous photograph (Darponarayan Street) and this following photo collage, it is found that Debi Durga is sitting on the lap of Lord Shiva (husband of Durga). This is definitely a rare posture of the goddesses where Shiva seems to be an adorable husband. Of loves and romances: Debi Durga sitting on the lap of her husband Lord
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