ENGL 101 Assignment

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Dr. Tan told me what happened to you. I am so sorry that you have been passing through this awful situation. I am here to help you to overcome this difficult moment and take you back in good track to pass your classes. It is time to work very hard, I know that you can make this, you are totally capable to complete your ENGL 101 assignments. Friday: Finish your Summary of one scholarly article. Saturday: 1. Work on your synthesis grid, it is on your p. 30-31 of the workbook 2. Create an outline of your Essay 4 using the template on p.48 of the workbook Sunday Come to Achieve to work with a tutor and work on your Essay 4. Please, come at 1:00 so you will have a lot of time to complete it. I think it would be better for you if you

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