Economic Environment: Black Friday And Boxing Day Sales

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1. Economic Environment
A. Economic Environment; high-low pricing strategy; marking down strategy, profit margin, layered discounts, gross margin. Different types of techniques and strategies are using by retailers in order to make profit and not to lose much during Black Friday.
B. This article is about Black Friday and Boxing Day sales, which made for customers to spend less money for merchandise and because of that buy more. According to this article, traditional Black Friday sells merchandise for less prices then original one. However, retailers use different types of strategies to make profit from Black Friday. For example, “They use high-low pricing strategy which setting regular prices higher so that impressive 60 percent discounts …show more content…

By using this information, a professional in the retailer industry should pay attention to this article and analyze merchandise stores during Black Friday sales. Shop managers should use fair techniques in order to make profit and satisfy customers by good prices at the same time.
2. Socio-cultural environment.
A. Socio-cultural environment, disrespectful and culturally insensitive to aboriginal culture, racist, ignorant, squaw, thief, disrespectful to Native American women.
B. This article is about a new clothing line by Canadian designers Dan and Dean Caten who names their women’s line as “Dsquaw”. Social media users believe that it is racist and inappropriate to play with word “Squaw”, because “ it is considered a derogatory term for native women”( Staff). Also, social media users believe that designers stole designs.
C. In my point of view, it was disrespectful to play with word “Squaw” because it is negatively represent women and it is ethnical immoral. However, a lot of designers are inspired by past time and creates something similar what already were fashionable and trendy. So, judgments like “thief” are not appropriate in this …show more content…

Technological environment, electronics, 3D-printed dress Dutch, navigate jackets, wearable technology ecosystem, touch-sensitive materials embedded electronics, Bluetooth connectivity.
B. There are a lot of new inventions, which can help people to live easier life and solve problems and help to know health conditions. For example by scientists and designers are creating a lot of different type of clothes, which can help people to find their destination by indicating when turn left, or right. Also they created T-shirt polo, which provides people level of heart rate, breathing depth, emotional, physical and mental well-being and so on.
C. I believe some features like knowing heart rate and physical well being is necessary for life because some people who have some sort of diseases should check their health-condition several times per day. So it would be really convenience for them to have such type of T-shirt. However, jacket, which is give you right destination to place where you are going to, is useless thing. People are wasting money to create such thing, because we already have a lot of equipment, which can show us destination (Google map on the phone, GPS in the car and so

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