Edgar Allan Poe's Death Research Paper

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Edgar Allan Poe was presumably the historically individual that was infamous for the traits of a madman, alcoholic, and womanizing anathema which we all know was the deceitful rumor that was generated by his enemy’s calumny. Although we were introduced to Poe’s tragic life that served as our general knowledge while reading the article, the two surprising facts that I learned from the text was the fact that only seven people attended his funeral and that four days before his death Poe was found at a polling place on a voting day. Christopher P. Semtner, in his article 13 Haunting Facts about Edgar Allan Poe’s Death, revealed the truth that only seven people attended his funeral. Semtner, also noted in his article, “Poe’s cousins hastily buried him the day after he died. …show more content…

The mystery that was even more baffling was the cause of Poe’s sudden demise. No one knew the cause of his death, but several theories were formulated to explain the cause of his death by those individuals who witnessed his appearance at different locations during his last days. They attempt to describe his death by assuming that he died from overdose of alcoholic, died from rabies, and etcetera, but the article gave away possible solution in explaining the mystery. Christopher P. Semtner introduced an alternative way to explain the death of Poe, “Four days before his death Poe was found at a polling place on a voting day.” The knowledge about the presence of Poe at the polling place was already a fact known to the public, but the other sources failed to elaborate on how that contributed to his sudden

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