Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Black Cat'

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In Edgar Allan Poe’s short novel “The Black Cat” the narrator unburdens his soul the night prior to his execution. He begins by describing his amiable and humane nature, and that he from childhood had a strong love for animals. He married at a young age a woman who also loved pets.

Their household had numerous animals and the narrators absolute favorite was a large beautiful black cat, named Pluto after the god of the dead. They had a special bond between them that lasted several years until the man´s character changed due to alcoholism, and he became ill-tempered and abused both wife and pets. Pluto was spared from his harshness, to begin with, but when the man after a drunken night on the town came home to find the cat avoiding him, he lost all control and gouged one of the cat´s eyes out with a pen knife. The cat recovered, but avoided his owner and the narrator ended up hanging the cat from a tree, with tears streaming down his face, aware that he had committed an awful sin on the animal that used to love him.

That very same night he was awakened by his wife’s screaming - the house is on fire. They barely escape and lose all of their wealth and possessions. The next day the man visits the ruins, and on the only wall still standing one can see, to everyone’s amazement, the image of a cat with a noose round its neck.

Soon after, remorse makes the man search for a new animal and he finds a cat almost identical to Pluto. The only difference being a white patch on the new

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