Compare And Contrast The Black Cat And The Cat From Hell

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Comparative essay between The Black Cat and The Cat from Hell Thos about comparing and contrasting between Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat” and Stephen King’s “The Cat from Hell”. Both of the authors are greatly known for their gothic stories. This essay is also going to mention a lot of suspense techniques those two authors use and compare them. As you know, suspense is a technique use in English gothic literature to make the readers feel nervous about what is going to happen in the story itself. This technique is used usually to attract readers and to make them feel entertained. It makes people curious as people don’t know what is going to happen and people tend to predict what is going to happening, which the technique Foreshadowing gives clues on what is going to happen. So “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe, uses a significant amount of literary devices such as symbolism, suspense, foreshadowing. Poe added a lot of suspense in the story, such as unusual characters, because the man who owned Pluto is a drunk owner, which is strange and normally doesn’t appear in gothic stories (“One night, returning home, much intoxicated” | Paragraph 7). It is also an unusual situation, because in the story, after he hanged the cat and went to sleep, his house suddenly burns out of nowhere (“I was aroused…” | Paragraph 10), and the members of the household, including the man, successfully escaped, and pluto, the cat he hanged, has resurrected into another black cat (“It was a black

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