Literary Elements In Daphne Du Maurier's Short Story 'The Birds'

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Daphne du Maurier’s short story “The Birds” is a piece of fiction that displays many literary elements. This story displays suspense, foreshadowing, and imagery. By using these literary elements du Maurier creates an intense story that leaves the readers wondering what happens next and wanting more. First, foreshadowing is used to reference events that will happen further into the story. The birds had been more restless than ever this fall of the year, the agitation more marked because the days were still. (52) This quote shows that there is something strange happening with the birds and hints towards something more later in the story. In one scene, Nat askes Mr. Trigg if he has boarded up his windows yet. He replied, saying that the birds were a bunch of nonsense and that he had nothing to worry about. (66) This scene hints towards Mr. Trigg’s death because he did not take the proper precautions. In these examples, foreshadowing is used to hint towards an exciting part of the plot. Next, suspense is used to make readers sit on the edge of their seats as they wonder what is going to happen next. The wings folded suddenly to its body. It dropped like a stone. (66) This quote makes the reader anxious as they wonder if the bird’s attack will be a successful one. Three hours to go, and while they …show more content…

He felt the thud of bodies, heard the fluttering of wings, but they were not yet defeated, for again and again they returned to the assault, jabbing his hands, his head, the little stabbing beaks sharp as pointed forks. (53) This quotes makes the reader in vison someone being attacked by birds. They may even feel the poking of the birds’ beaks or the thuds of the bodies around them. He could feel the blood on his hands, his wrists, his neck. Each stab of a swooping beak tore his flesh. (66) With this quote the reader imagines the dripping blood and the birds picking at his

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