Foreshadowing In The Birds Essay

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Do you know anyone who has Orinthophobia, the fear of birds? Or do you yourself fear the birds? “The Birds”, written by Daphne De Maurier, is a short story that uses various literary terms to make an exceptional piece of writing. The story uses the literary devises such as foreshadowing, imagery, and characterization to create an exhilarating tale. Maurier uses these three components to tell a thrilling story that keeps the reader on edge. First, foreshadowing is a key device in the story, which is a hint or clue about something that will later happen. Maurier foreshadows in the story multiple times, allowing the readers mind to wonder what will occur next. Such as in the beginning of the story, when the birds are soaring over the …show more content…

Many times, Maurier uses characterization to allow the reader to better understand the characters in the story. For example, when the birds begin to come down the chimney and she writes, “He got sticks and paper and put them on the embers, then reached for the can of paraffin,” (74) the reader is able to learn about Nat. You may discover that Nat is a very witty and intelligent man as he knows that the smoke will keep the birds from entering and kill any birds that are already in the chimney. Next, Nat says, “I’ve got to go get food. I’ve got to go to the farm to find food,” (78). The reader quickly learns that Nat is very resourceful as he knows to go get food from the farm while it is daylight and the birds will not attack. Maurier uses characterization to not only describe Nat, but many other characters throughout the story. As you can see, foreshadowing, imagery, and characterization are just a few of the literary elements that give “The Birds” an intense story line. They help to create an exhilarating tale that keeps the reader engaged and wondering what will happen next. Maurier’s use of these components helped to make the short story into a hit American horror film in 1963. Perhaps reading “The Birds” will help you with your Orinthophobia, or will it just make it

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