What Is The Difference Between The Birds Book And Movie

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The Birds In the short story “The Birds” by Daphne du Maurier is very different compared to Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds. Even though they are based off of the same story line, they have very different aspects throughout the book. A couple of the things that are altered are the characters, setting, and the events. A story that began on December 3 in the 1950s in a coastal area in Great Britain, demonstrates how something so normal as birds migrating can go out of hand within a couple of days. The characters in this story are Nat Hocken and his wife, Jill, and Johnny. Not much is said about Nat’s wife. Jill and Johnny are the children of Nat and his wife. There are also stock characters which include Mr. Trigg, Mrs.Trigg, …show more content…

The movies took place in the 1960s. It is set in the big city of San Francisco, and then transitioned over to the small town of Bodega Bay. Melanie Daniels and Mitch Brenner met in a bird shop, where Mitch played a whimsical prank on Melanie. He pretended to mistake her for a salesperson, for which she plays along with. From then on Melanie becomes smitten with him. Mitch has family back in his hometown Bodega Bay, his mother, Lydia, and his sister Cathy. When Melanie visits Bodega Bay she encounters Annie Hayworth, Mitch’s ex-girlfriend, and ends up befriending her. Throughout the story you meet several minor characters. A couple of the people are the storekeeper, Dan Forsett, and the hysterical mother. The reason Melanie ended up going to Bodega Bay was because she was secretly delivering Lovebirds to Cathy. Having several things happen, she ends up staying there longer than expected. One of the reasons she stayed longer was for Cathy’s birthday party. At the birthday party Gulls attacked the children while they were playing outside. That night while they are all trying to calm down sparrows dove down through the chimney into the living room. Over the next couple of days several bird attacks had resulted in many deaths. Two of those deaths include Annie Hayworth, and Dan Forsett. They both had the same gruesome feature, their eyeballs had been pecked out. The point where everyone in the down realizes that the birds

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