Examples Of Nurture In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“To kill a mocking bird” has become a classic book throughout our time, written by Harper Lee, published July 11, 1960. Winning many awards, for instance The Pulitzer prize, paper back of the year, its exceptional writing of fiction and encouragement of peace for all faiths, ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. It is a fictional story that addresses issues spoken universally throughout today’s culture. Topics most demonstrated all throughout the book for example are morality, justice, racism, inequality. The theme of the story has to do with the title “To kill a mockingbird.” Which represents all the innocence throughout the story who become inflicted with wrong doings, decisions and ultimately some of the characters having their ideas of the world shattered. In the book Miss Maudie says “ It is a sin to kill a mocking bird.” (Harper Lee, pg. 119) Interpreting this into the understanding that hurting the innocent or powerless is morally wrong. To kill a mocking bird takes places in Maycomb, Alabama. The book is based around the 1930s, in the south where racism, …show more content…

I feel that the Nature vs. Nurture concept takes on a huge role into play with this book. The nature concept is how we biologically develop. The nurture concept is how the environment influences our development. The way that Atticus raised his children with morality and equality, really influenced them. When they hear about the court case and Tom Robsinson being defended by Atticus they go to watch the conviction. When hearing that Tom Robinson is convicted of being guilty, all the children are hurt. They believed in the same concepts as Atticus and to see Tom get accused of something he didn 't do, was hard to see, it was almost as if there ideas of the world had been shattered. They no longer had the same innocence, they were exposed to the harsh realities of the true world. So i feel that the showing of how damaged they felt after truly shows that Atticus raising them was

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