The Golden Rule In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Compassionate,dramatic,and deeply moving ,To Kill A Mockingbird takes readers to the roofs or human behavior.The unforgettable novel of a child in a sleepy,Southern town and the crisis of conscience that rocked it,To Kill A Mockingbird,by Harper Lee.In the book To Kill A Mockingbird readers learn how to take a stand,and most importantly the golden rule.Readers also learn many valuable things.In the book Atticus Finch takes a stand For Tom Robinson.Tom was charged for something he never did and was pleaded guilty.Atticus was being courageous and he possesses integrity for standing up for Tom.
The first reason it makes sense for Atticus to stand up for Tom is because back then black people were treated as slaves and they weren’t appreciated like the whites were.Atticus was also being very courageous.Judge Taylor pleads Tom guilty. “Judge Taylor was polling guilty,guilty,guilty (Lee 282).This shows how Tom was pleaded guilty. “Atticus says, “Link that boy might go to the chair,but he’s not going to the truths been told (Lee 195).” This shows how Atticus was being courageous saying how nothing 's gonna happen until someone tells the truth.
The second reason it makes sense for Atticus to stand up for Tom is because Tom was being honest while Mayella was lying but nobody believed Tom because he is different.Atticus was possessing integrity. “He’s not …show more content…

“They shot him,said Atticus.He was running.It was during my exercise period.They said he just broke out and started climbing a fence,right in front of them.Tom was shot 17 times.” The reason Tom escaped is because he knows that he was not guilty.Atticus knew he wasn’t but the judge didn’t believe him because he was black.However Atticus standing up for Tom makes more sense.Nobody should ever judge somebody by their skin color or the way they

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