Violence In Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat

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An author has the freedom to create their own worlds. Some are realistic worlds with a dark twist, others are just complete nonsense. What if the world of an author came to life? Specifically, how would the World of Edgar Allen Poe be? Most of Edgar Allen Poe’s stories have a similar theme. This essay will be focusing on the world where his story “The Black Cat” takes place. This world of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat” is unnatural, with heavy themes of violence. Characters in this world behave unnaturally with violence and cruelty, and murder is commonplace.

“The Black Cat”" starts off a man who loves his black cat Pluto. Though he loves Pluto he begin starts to have outbursts due to alcoholism. His alcoholism causes him to be abusive and eventually leads him cutting Pluto’s eye out and hanging him. The same night of Pluto’s hanging, the man’s house burns down, where he sees the impression of a giant cat with a noose around his neck on one of the walls of the burnt house. Eventually he gets another black cat with some white fur. He starts to hate this cat, so he also kills it. The same cat thought to be dead then sells out the man to the police for killing his wife by drawing the police to the location in which his Wife was buried. This world is unnatural. For instance, when the man’s house …show more content…

In this story, it is implied that the black cat he had killed was getting his revenge upon him from, despite being dead. For instance, the day that he killed the black cat his house burnt down. This seems to not be any coincidence, as the image of the dead cat with a noose around his neck is marked onto one of the walls. The Cat also takes revenge in the form of the man’s second cat. The second cat slowly makes the man grow more and more insane. This led him to swinging an axe at the cat. He missed this however and accidentally killed his

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