Effective Or Ineffective Was Reconstruction

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Question: How effective or ineffective was Reconstruction, and what part if any did conflict in government play this? When analyzing the Reconstruction period, it is evident that there are two perspectives that can be deduced. Firstly, it is vital to review the issue of slavery. It is during the reconstruction that slaves received new rights and opportunities as citizens of America. Respectively, it is through the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments that slaves were guaranteed freedom. Some of the freedoms include: the right to vote, receive an education, have their own property, get married and even hold a political office. By the 1868, the progression in civil liberties offered to the black community yielded fruit as the voter turnaround was much greater since many of them were able to register as …show more content…

The black people of America were subjected to segregation and seen as the lower class, could not have mixed marriages, or even carry a gun. Many Southern states created laws to prevent blacks from voting and traveling. Jim Crow`s Laws were simply unjust. It is also important to point out that there was corruption during that time period that slowed down the positive growth of the society. MARK ZEES Thank you for the wonderful read. I absolutely agree that there are effective and ineffective points of the Reconstruction. The outcomes you pointed out are very important facts. For instance you mention that the United States was united and a new form of government was created. Black Americans did become equal citizens, but as the result they still had a lot of issues to be able to use their rights. There were Black codes and Jim Crow`s laws which were like speed bumps for blacks on the way to a better life. Today we can say that the Civil war and reconstruction had a great impact on today’s standards of

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