Elbow Bursitis Research Paper

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Elbow Bursitis

Elbow bursitis is inflammation of the fluid-filled sac (bursa) between the tip of your elbow bone (olecranon) and your skin. Elbow bursitis may also be called olecranon bursitis.
Normally, the olecranon bursa has only a small amount of fluid in it to cushion and protect your elbow bone. Elbow bursitis causes fluid to build up inside the bursa. Over time, this swelling and inflammation can cause pain when you bend or lean on your elbow.

Elbow bursitis may be caused by:
• Elbow injury (acute trauma).
• Leaning on hard surfaces for long periods of time.
• Infection from an injury that breaks the skin near your elbow.
• A bone growth (spur) that forms at the tip of the elbow.
• A medical condition that causes
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Your health care provider will also do a physical exam. This may include:
• X-rays to look for a bone spur or a bone fracture.
• Draining fluid from the bursa to test it for infection.
• Blood tests to rule out gout or rheumatoid arthritis.

Treatment for elbow bursitis depends on the cause. Treatment may include:
• Medicines. This may include:
○ Over-the-counter medicines to relieve pain and inflammation.
○ Antibiotic medicines to fight infection.
○ Injections of anti-inflammatory medicines (steroids).
• Wrapping your elbow with a bandage.
• Draining fluid from the bursa.
• Wearing elbow pads.
If your bursitis does not get better with treatment, surgery may be needed to remove the bursa.

• Take medicines only as directed by your health care provider.
• If you were prescribed an antibiotic medicine, finish all of it even if you start to feel better.
• If your bursitis is caused by an injury, rest your elbow as directed by your health care provider and wear your bandage as directed by your health care provider. You may also apply ice to the injured area as directed by your health care

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