Eleanor Roosevelt's Impact On The World

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Eleanor Roosevelt lived from October 11, 1884, to November 7, 1962. She lived mostly in New York, but also in Washington D.C. She lived and was First Lady over the course of the Great Depression. Her position of power gave her opportunities to help many people and fight for what she believed in redefining what a first lady should be. Eleanor Roosevelt was the most influential woman of the 20th century, through her charity work, her impact on women’s rights, and her help to improve everyday American Life.
Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884 birth date in New York, New York. Her mother's name was Anna Livingston Ludlow Hall Roosevelt and her father's name was Elliot Roosevelt. She was their firstborn daughter. She had two brothers, …show more content…

She was invited to attend the first United Nations General Assembly. She envisioned a world where all Nations lived in harmony. She became a U.S. delegate to the United Nations and advocated for World Peace. She also helped draft the Universal Human Rights Declaration and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 4 times in her life. Eleanor Roosevelt had many effects on history; her work fighting for peace helped shape the United Nations we have today. She gave women rights and a chance to exist in the political world. She fought heavily for equality and fair rights for everyone. She stated, “People who continue to be denied the respect to which they are entitled as human beings will not acquiesce forever in such denial.” She made people think of first ladies differently and that they're not just there to sit there but to make a difference in the world. She became an inspiration to women of future generations to also speak out and gain more rights. She wrote many books, newspapers, and magazine articles. Without her help, the United States wouldn’t have gotten out of the great depression. She heavily supported the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 which ended child labor. Her organizations helped many people, and her volunteer efforts in both wars helped many people and saved many lives. Without Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR would not have been able to run such a successful presidency. Her speeches spread across the …show more content…

She inspired so many people to fight for better human rights and peace and equality. She worked side by side with her husband to change America and pull it out of the Great Depression. She fought for basic Human rights and worked against the minimum wage, homelessness, poverty, and labor laws. Especially child labor which she fought to end. She also fought heavily for Women's rights and the suffragist movement. Eleanor appointed women to positions of power. She strived to make life better for women and all humans alike. She also fought for racial equality. She volunteered with countless organizations and started and led even more. She worked with the United Nations after her husband's death and wanted all of the nations to exist in harmony. She wrote books and newspaper columns spreading her hope for humanity and a better world across the Country. This country would not be the same without her. She helped FDR be more successful than he ever could have been by himself and changed America for the better. I think that Eleanor's life accomplishments continue to make a difference even in present times, and people aspire to and look up to

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