Elie Wiesel Father's Life

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Throughout Elie Wiesel’s story, Night, his experience and encounters with others during the Holocaust damaged the way he was and influenced his actions in many different ways, and most of all, to his father. At the beginning of the story, Elie has been thoughtful of his father, or seemed to be, though we can tell Elie did like his father, it is known that his father didn’t give much affection to his family. “My father was sharing some anecdotes and holding forth on his opinion of the situation. He was a good story teller” (12). Elie loved his father, though at the beginning, his father was focused on keeping a good image and keeping everyone safe and happy. When he was younger, Elie was usually quiet, wanting to learn more about his history and …show more content…

Elie felt like his father gave up on him, on the thought of possibly seeing his wife and daughters, of freedom, which they knew would be close. Elie wanted to stick up for his father if it meant it kept him alive, but slowly, it began to annoy him, he knew his father was helpless. “He was right, I thought deep down, not daring to admit it to myself. Too late to save your old father… You could have two rations of bread, two rations of soup” (111). Although he soon regretted thinking that awful thought, he knew two years ago, he would’ve never thought of such a thing. With everything that has gone on in their lives, Elie felt a small relief when his father was finally taken away. After the Holocaust, all anyone cared about was food. They didn’t give a second thought to the family they’d never see again until about months or years after the Holocaust ended. Concluding, Night shows how, not only Elie, but everyone changed throughout the Holocaust, their minds corrupted by everything they’ve seen, their self image shattered to nothing, leaving them with no self respect. The Holocaust didn’t only change their physical appearance, but their mental

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