Quotes From Night By Elie Wiesel

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Elie: Throughout the book we see Elie change from a relatively normal teenage school boy and into a emotionally hardened young man who has become so accustomed to death that he rarely gives it a second thought, even if the person dying was a friend . This change took place because of the tortuous conditions that the Nazi´s subjected him to and that he lost so many family members and friends along the way. My passage shows Elie at a time when he is just starting his journey, yet you can tell that the concentration camps and the Nazi´s have already had a very serious effect on him. ¨He must have died, trampled under the feet if the thousands of men who followed us. I soon forgot him. I began to think of myself again. My foot was aching, I shivered with every step.¨ …show more content…

Yet by the time him and Elie had started to become accustomed to living in the concentration camps 2 main things started to change, one being his father’s motivation to be a leader and role model for others which started to fade after a few weeks in the camps. The other being that once Elie’s father’s physical abilities started to become poor Elie could no longer look up to his father as role model he had always

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