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Xander Spikes R. Emerita English 1020 28th February 2016 The Life of Eliza Eliza Hamilton is a national female icon. She was the wife to our Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. He contributed in molding our nation’s government to even add that Eliza has also done so. Eliza Hamilton has contributed to many great achievements which are often not recognized in present day society. However through this biography I will shed light upon her legacy, rather than her husbands. Elizabeth Schuyler, otherwise known as Eliza Hamilton was born in Albany, New York on August 9th, 1757. She was the daughter of Philip Schuyler and Catherine van Rensselaer. Her father played the role of a General in the Revolutionary War; while her mother’s history …show more content…

A year after the tragedy Eliza birthed her 8th child and named him Philip to honor the death of her oldest son. Two years after the death of their oldest child Alexander Hamilton was challenged to a duel by Arron Burr, the result of this was Hamilton in a casket. Her parents had also died not to long after, leaving her with no financial help. This is when Eliza was forced to become someone much bigger than who she was perceived as. “A year after Alexander’s death Eliza joined the Society for the Relief of Poor Widows with Small Children in 1805.”(historythings.com) The Hamilton home was lost but, since Eliza became apart of this organization she was able to receive the funds to keep the house. She was a cofounder of the Orphan Asylum Society which was the first orphanage in New York. In 1821 Eliza was promoted to head directress, yet her reign did not end until 1848. After the death of her husband in 1802, Eliza dedicated her life to spreading the legacy of her husband's. She and her children contributed to the creation of the biography of Alexander Hamilton. Eliza Schuyler Hamilton died on November 9th 1854 in Washington D.C. As seen through the information I have found it shows that Eliza seemed to be stuck in the shadow of her husband and was sadly looked at as lesser, however I am not sure Alexander Hamilton would have the legacy he’s known for today if not for his wife

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