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Elizabeth Barrett Browning was born March 6th, 1806 she sadly died June 29th, 1861. She was a big poet in the life of poets. She was a really happy teen and had a really good childhood. She had a high class lifestyle. She was a daughter of a plantation owner he was known as Edward moulton-barrett. She was known as a “great poet, noble women, and a devoted wife.”

Barrett was educated in her home and was tutored by Daniel Mcswiney with her older brother . She was a precocious and studious girl. Who began writing verses at the ages of four, when she was six she read novels, at eight she delighted with homer’s translations, and at ten she studied greek. In such way at twelve she had already written her own epic, the battle of marathon. In epic-style …show more content…

Which that book gained her some fame. During those years she was ill (the exact cause of witch is unknown), in which worsened. Forcing her to spend a year on the coast with her brother Edward. A year later he tragically died of drowning. Regarding edwards death Barrett returned home. She became depressed invalid recluse, spending five years in her bedroom and seeing very few people in her father's home located in wimpole street.

Elizabeth continued to write. In 1884 she published a volume of poetry with a simple title of Poems. These books made her popular in England. It gained attention of the poet, Robert Browning. After reading all the poems, he sent her a card saying “I love your verses with all my heart, Dear miss Barrett”. So, then begins one of the greatest love stories in literacy history.

As their messages continued they nearly exchanged 600 letters. Later falling in love and secretly since they married september 12, 1846. Most of her family agreed except her tyrannical father he disowned her, refusing to see her or even opening her letters. Even though her dad disowned her, she refused to leave Browning and she continued to be with

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