Ella Baker

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African World Survey
Dr.Watts Findings After completing episode 5 of the P.B.S. “The African Americans Many Rivers to Cross” I was able to learn new interesting facts about the Civil War. I was surprised at the different events, people and organizations that I became aware of that I hadn’t been taught about during high school. Before completing episode 5 of “The African Americans Many Rivers to Cross” my knowledge of the Civil War seemed repeatedly and limited. I had always heard of the same stories about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Park being the Civil Rights movement leaders but, never about Ella Baker. I remember hearing about different organizations …show more content…

Ella Baker whom was a part of multiple organizations. Ella Baker was born on December 13, 1903 in Norfolk, Virginia she was a human rights activist and civil rights activist. Ella attended Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina after graduating from Shaw she moved to New York City where she began joining social activist organizations. The first social activist organization that she joined was NAACP which is also called the National Association for the Advancement of Color People. Ella began working with the NAACP organization in 1938 she served as a secretary and a director of the branch up until …show more content…

The 12th street riot took place on July 23, 1967 in the early morning in Detroit in a predominately African American neighborhood. The 12th street riot started due to an illegal party that was given by William Scott in a club which was located in the United Community League for civic activist for a civil rights group .The 12th street riot lasted 4 days the riot was said to have finally ended on the fourth day by the National Guards and United States Army Troops. After the 12th street riot finally ended the results were that 24 black men were killed and an estimate of 1400 buildings were burned down. Due to the 12th street riot that ended in 1400 buildings being burned down a lot of black people were homeless or living in sub divided

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