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Imagine if a character from your book appeared in front of your eyes. They acted just like you in every way. What would you do if this happened? A book named “Squashed” has many characters that represent many different traits. Mostly some sad and happy traits are used in this book. Also, not many people have read this book, but it is very interesting. A character from a book who is similar to me is Ellie Mogan from “Squashed” because we are both fun, helpful, and kind. To begin, Ellie and I are fun. In the book “Squashed”, Ellie states, “Like Mother, Nana could make anything grow, and passed that on to me” she claimed. Ellie said that because she has believed in her grandma to teach her the fun and beauty of farming Similar to Ellie, I am …show more content…

We practiced different uniques to play the game. Our coach set up a course for us to practice with. Before we could begin the practice game. This sums up why Ellie and I are fun people. Next, Ellie and I are helpful In the book “Squashed”, Ellie states, “I already have a bad relationship with my father,” I said. “I want to have a good relationship with him.” Ellie explained. She has said that because she’s trying to help her dad have a good relationship with her. The one time I was helpful was when I was trying to make dinner. I was helping my mom make chicken on the stove. I had to help flip the chicken so it wouldn't burn. My mom was thankful. In conclusion, this shows how Ellie and I are helpful. Lastly, Ellie and I are both kind. In the book “Squashed”, Ellie states, “We’re having smoked pork chops with sweet corn,” I offered. Ellie says this because she wanted to be kind and offer her cousin Richard some food. This is because Richard’s mom is not able to cook as much from an accident. The one time I was kind was when I was at cooking class. My class and I were making food, and we had some dirty dishes. So some classmates and I were kind and washed

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