Elven Spirit Short Story

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An Elven spirit wailed with the despair of its death as it left its body behind in a battlefield where blood ran like rivers upon the earth. Distraught and confused it was pulled by mysterious forces into a river of similarly fashioned wailing souls that flow out of the planet and into the distance. Within moments, the Elven spirit was swiftly pulled far away from its planet down below. Its destination unknown, the river of souls flows into other rivers of the dead and combines into consecutively larger rivers until it finally flows into a massive ocean of souls, the likes of which could drown galaxies in its spiritual waters. The Elven spirit, still wailing with despair all the while, was swept into the ocean and begins to be swirled around…show more content…
Pain. Pain. PAIN. PAIN. PAIN. PAin. PaIN. PAin. PaIN. A litany of pain-filled thoughts occupy the entirety of the Elven spirit’s mind as its thoughts repeatedly scatter and then gather together in quick succession, as though struggling to maintain their form against a violent wrecking force. For a veritable eternity this dance continued, unhindered. Suddenly there was a silence, a bliss free from pain. The pain wracking the Elven spirit had ceased and he stopped the screaming that had continued unconsciously, clawing from his throat in ever increasing frequencies. For a long moment, the Elven spirit was impeccably still, a living statue displaying the visage of some miserable wretch with a face scrunched up in anguish. It takes a long while for the Elven spirit to return to a normal appearance and sit up from his position, struggling to stand with wobbling legs. Before the Elven spirit’s eyes stretched a vast and mighty dark-blue river. Acheron. The name came unbidden to the Elven spirit’s “cleansed” mind. The river of pain. The Elven spirit’s eyes crinkled in confusion as he reached for his memories and found them nonexistent. While the pain was still fresh in his mind, no other memories remained behind. How do I know the river’s name? Where am I? What is this…show more content…
As it leaped towards him, claws first, he grabbed its thick neck with both hands and somehow managed to snap its neck by taking advantage of the reptilian monster’s own momentum. Take that! How do you like me now, punk?! The Elven spirit thought gloatingly. In the next moment, the Elven spirit watched, flabbergasted, as the creature’s transparent soul rose from its dead flesh and bounded away, its body being left to be consumed by its comrades. He was only able to consider the odd sight shortly, before three more of the creatures pounced at him. Snapping out of his stunned state, the Elven spirit shot out his leg in a fluid motion, and managed to repel one of the creatures before the other two reached his body. Biting his arm and the leg that was still firmly placed on the earth, the two monsters dragged the Elven spirit’s whole body to the ground. The Elven spirit quickly rolled backwards, leaving his torn flesh in the foul mouths of the reptilian monsters. In doing so, he just barely managed to avoid the pounces of two more of the creatures, that came towards his fallen form from his left and right sides. With a flurry of bloody punches and kicks, the Elven spirit subdued the horde for another few moments before some of the creatures circled around behind him and coordinated with the others to attack him from all

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