Victor Frankenstein Morality Quotes

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One's Morality can be determined the actions that they choose to do, this complication can happen. Victor, the creator is a smart man for knowing right and wrong because he's known what it means. In the creature's brain is just developing when victor was creating. The creature is known as Frankenstein as to learn from listening and observing one's surroundings. Frankenstein has to learn right from wrong because frankenstein is more a visionary character. As for where his creator does not accept him in his responsibility, and his maturity that is developing throughout the book. It one's responsibility to know what to choose from right and wrong and, benefiting from the crowded cannot always be the right choice for one's morals.
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Victor had disowned him because how he came out. But through the shadows of victor's life, the creature has been learning through his steps and his surroundings. This thought the creature responsibility on how to pursue his life. When the creature expand his learning process “i admire virtue and good feelings and loved gentle manners and amiable qualities of my cottagers, but I was shut out from intercourse with them except through mean which I obtained by stealth, when I was unseen and unknown, and which rather increased than satisfied the desire I had of becoming one among my fellows" (Shelley pg.). The creatures responsibility is for himself and for his creatures satisfaction it so the creature thinks, in the creature's mind things that if he is not seen by the cottagers that he will be rewarded with acceptance through victor. In the creature's eyes thinks that what he is doing is good and responsible and well caring. This responsibility turns the creature into a mature so called human. In the letter that Walton writes to his sister explains to his sister the event that was happening during the short amount of time while he was the victor. He explained what had happened to victor when he died he came across the creature, “he paused looking at me with wonder, and again turning towards the lifeless form of his creator, he seemed to forget my presence, and ever” (letter pg. 228). This showed Walton form the short amount of time that he encountered the creature showed his respect towards his creator and that shows the sign of maturity. This respectable action that the creature did was very kind and showed how much he cared for the man who created him with respect. The action that was contrasted in the book showed that the creature did not have the cold heart even if it did not belong to him just the thought to show his respect

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