Elzer's Relationship With His Father In Night Elie Wiesel

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Elie’s relationship with his father changed drastically throughout the book. In the beginning of the story Elie admires his father, looks up to him, treats him with the utmost respect, and always feels safe around him. In the book on page 20 Elie’s father offers Elie and his sister a chance to escape and flee to a safe shelter. Elie and his sister refuse because they want to stick together as a family, they do not want to part. They makes this decision because they feel safer with their parents then they do by themselves. When Elie and his family get to their concentration camp they get separated, Elie and his father go one way, and Elies sisters and mother go the other way. This is a sad moment for Elie because it is the last time he ever sees his sisters and mother again but it also really makes Elie realize that if he is going to survive the holocaust then he is going to have to rely on his father and his father is going to have to rely on him. On page 32, Dr. Mengele is making his first selection and he tells Elie to go to the left and right behind him is his father who Dr. Mengele also tells to go left In the text Elie says this “I first wanted to see where they would send my father. Were he have gone to the right, I would have run after him. The baton, once more, moved to the left. A weight lifted from my …show more content…

This passage from the book just goes to show how much at first Elie needed his father with him, how even if he were to get shot he would still have run to the right side if that was where he was chosen

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