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On a hospital in Cleveland, at 7:27 PM, a hero was born. Her name is Emma Scott, and she grew up being very smart and curious, just like her parents. She started first grade at the age of 4, and she learned how to code when she was 7. She had a great passion for technology thanks to her father, James Scott, who was a superhero at a selective organization called the Hi-Tech Squad, which do pretty much everything normal superheroes do, but the technology they develop is their superpower. Emma wanted to be just like her dad when she grew up, she always loved to listen to her dad’s stories of how they stopped a criminal of hacking a bank website or that time his team stopped a group of cyber-bullies. When Emma was14, she graduated from high school…show more content…
She came in, walked some steps, and then walked a bit more until she could be a humanoid creature sitting on a throne facing back. She approaches, and then, even before she could say something, the beast said: “I know you…” Emma told him: “no… you don’t know me, but I do … you are the beast that killed my father!” The beast said: “You don’t really know who am I, you better not know…” Emma warned him: “I’ve got a really powerful weapon, it could kill you know, come, fight with me if you think you don’t deserve to die”. The beast turned back and approached there, he was ugly: greenish skin, bald, scars all over the body and he wore nothing but a pair of boxers. The beast said, “get ready”; both of them grabbed a weak gun, but it had enough strength to weaken someone significantly. They started to fight, they both tried to skip the bullets, they were really good at it. They kept shooting until Emma shoot the beast, then she approached him and told him: “Now, told me what you did to my father or I’ll kill you now!” Then the beast said: “I’m not gonna say”. Emma moved closer to him but noticed that the horrible appearance of that beast was a costume. “So, you are not a mutant after all”, said Emma, “time to reveal your real identity”. The beast tried to stop her, but he was too weak to so. When Emma, removed the mask, she was…show more content…
He said that Doctor Storm, the leader of the Bad Guy League, requited him and offered him more power. He concluded, “Maybe you could be a great addition to the team, Emma. Why don’t you join too?” Emma was disappointed, she couldn’t believe her father was brainwashed, but she had hope that she could still save him. “Dad, I love you, but, you don’t belong here, you should return to the HI-Tech Squad, we both know it is better for you.” Said Emma. “No, I will never return”, said James. “Look, dad, you taught me something very important, you told me that no matter how hard the path is, or if someone else tries to convince you that being bad is better, never leave the side of good… I guess you may not recall it, but I do, and every day I live by it… Maybe you were not strong enough to say no, but I am… If you don’t let me save you, no one else will. I think I need to leave.” Emma turned back and walked towards the exit of the cave, meanwhile, her father was thinking about everything her daughter told him and realized that he was being stupid, “Hey Emma, wait!” James said, “you’re right, I should have never joined the bad guys, you are right and I’m sorry, I was crazy ... I wanna come with you” Emma returned and helped his dad to stand up, them they walked together to the helicopter and went to the Hi-Tech Squad

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