How Does Emma Have As Having Too Much Her Own Way

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Emma, by Jane Austen, is about a young woman that lives with her father and governess, miss Taylor. The narrator of the story describes her as, “having rather too much her own way” (Austin1). The story is centered around Emma Woodhouse and her matchmaking. Even though people tell her not to continue matchmaking, Emma tries to make one more match, but it back-fires and everything goes wrong. This shows how immature she is and how getting in others business causes trouble. There are also a lot of other contrasting characters in the story.
In the beginning, Emma matched her governess, Miss Taylor and a man named Mr. Weston. Both her and her father were very sad that she had to leave, but Emma was still somewhat happy. She made the match and takes …show more content…

Elton is the village priest, and she matches him with her friend Harriot Smith.
As planned Harriot falls head over heels for Mr. Elton, but it is soon found out that Mr. Elton is in love with Emma not Harriot. Emma is greatly distressed by this and says that she cannot marry Mr. Elton. Mr. Elton leaves and immediately marries a woman named, Miss Hawkins. This is Emma’s first wrong match in the …show more content…

Emma dismisses this idea about her marring frank, but instead thinks of him as a husband for Harriet. Tragically, Mr. Churchills aunt, guardian dies, he then announces that he is engaged to a young lady named Jane Fairfax. Emma believes that Harriot will be sad at this news, but Emma is completely wrong. Harriot is in love with Mr. Knightly. Emma realizes that she to is in love with Mr. knightly. Once Harriot finds out that Emma and Mr. Knightly both like each other, Harriot marries a famer, who she had been in love with the whole time. Then Emma and Mr. Knightley marry in the end. Emma Woodhouse, the main character’s “stubbornness and vanity produce many of the novel’s conflicts” (SparkNotes). Emma is very childish and usually gets what she wants. Almost all of her matches go wrong and none of them work out. In the end of the story Emma finds that her actions can cause others pain, like when she paired Harriot and Mr. Elton. Harriot was heartbroken when she found out that Mr. Elton didn’t really like her. By the end of the story Emma has

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