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There are many things that are memorable in everyone’s lives. Things that run constantly in our heads, or the simplest things that make us remember that special event that has occurred. In the case of the book A Death in the Delta, Emmett Till faces many disadvantages due to his race. He is a young adolescence that goes down to visit his cousins, and ends up killed. Emmett Till’s story impacted many people’s lives that are memorable today. This story is touching and gave me three memorable facts; the difference between Chicago and the Delta, Discrimination, and the lynching of Emmett Till. In the book A Death in the Delta it is taken place in Mississippi where there are many differences between Chicago and the Delta. Emmett was raised in …show more content…

He was a seven year who had no intention of doing anyone any harm, but be a typical teen and enjoy his summer with his cousins. One afternoon on August 24th, Emmett along with his cousins and other kids go out to town. This is where Jones one of the black boy who were with Emmett dare him to enter the Grocery and Meat market where only whites are allowed. Emmett not realizing that in Mississippi people who are black are to aby by the rules, or pay the price. Emmett being a teen takes the prank and enters the store and makes eye contact with Carloyn Bryant. She states he whistled at her and that he was making sexual remarks towards her, and was ought to harm her. This leads to both men go on a search to find this young boy to pay the price. They knew that they wanted to kill Emmett Till, because they believed those were his intentions, and they were not going to let it happen. Bryant and Milam forced Emmett Till to take all his clothes off and put a fan around his neck and through him in the Tallahatchie River, where he was found days later. After the tragic death of Till, justice was not being made. The author quotes “Bryant had been too destitute to own either a car or a television set, but he and Milam face no difficulties ensuring an adequate legal defense” (Whitfield 30). In other words, both men knew that they were going to get away with the murder

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