Empathy In Romantic Relationships

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He said he loves me
Empathy is the fundamental component of gratification in a romantic relationship. It is considered to be the driving factor as to what extent can one infer partners thought. For women it implies more towards their negative emotions as compared to the positive ones; they are glad when their partner knows they are in dismay. While for men it’s quite straight; they report satisfaction when their woman is happy.
Researches state women report higher relationship satisfaction when they observe frustration or wrath of their partner as compared to their content. It’s not that women revel over it; rather they like men sharing negative emotions, they see it as a sign of openness, connection and communication. Conversely, men don’t like to share in their girlfriend’s negativity. Men’s relationship affiliation was linked to their ability to identify their woman’s happiness. The researchers suggest that men may feel that a relationship is threatened by their partner’s negative emotions, especially when they arise in the middle of a relationship related conflict. Relationships are very confusing but proper communication and empathy can melt stoned hearts.
Hence a woman psychology is referred as obfuscating. Often blamed for emotional disorders. Despite great efforts made by the international women’s rights movement over many years, women are still considered obscure. Taken for granted at times and deprived of making personal choices in their private lives. As much as

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