English High School Drug Research Paper

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Drug use of any drug by young people is a big problem in today’s world. This problem is sometimes presented in many literatures like books that are written and available to the public. These books will create different perspective by many on the topic of drug use by young people in the book and how it is presented. That is why there is a conversation about letting or not letting the usage of a book like that for an English high school class that require students to read about the topic. There are many books that have many controversial topics that are written and available for people to read. Those books make people have an arrange of opinions good or bad about the book itself. A specific book that contain some controversial topics in the …show more content…

The course that book talked about using or not in is English III AP class for junior students attending the high school. The class is also a rigorous college-preparatory course which means it will be treated someway as college course. The course is only offered to junior students at the school and it is also helpful for the students to have taken the course before it which is English II Honors. Some objectives that course require the students to perform in the class are to supplement their study with information about authors, historical events, current events, and relevant philosophy. Then they also need to read and understand writing style of both fiction and non-fiction book chosen for the class. In writing essays for the students in the class will need them to be able write about the books read at a high level. This method will help students be prepare to write at a college level in their higher-level education. All of the objectives will help improve the students’ ability to read and write at college level about specific …show more content…

The author describes some the characters using the dug marijuana in the book. This is a big topic with many different opinions on it and to be included in a book. The states, “After a week of not talking to anyone, I finally called Bob. [...] He said he had a quarter ounce of pot left. So, I took some of my Easter money and bought it. I've been smoking it all the time since” (Chbosky 139). This shows that main character Charlie use his money to go buy pot which is also known as marijuana. It gives an image of a kid in high school going to buy marijuana with his own money. The scene adds to the big topic of young people in high school use that type of drug. Then in another part of the book is when Patrick and Brad are smoking marijuana together before they get sexual with each other (Chbosky 36). This scene in the book also presents the usage of marijuana by young people like Brad and Patrick. With scenes like this in the book of young people using the drug creates conversation of whether or not the book can be used in the English III AP class at the high

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