Environmental Racism Examples

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Environments today are being polluted. Low Income Black and Hispanic neighborhoods are getting polluted with hazardous chemicals and garbage waste that come from factories and other establishments. unfortunately, this is a world problem for low income groups such as Asians,Philippines and Latin Americans. Now on the flip side the wealthy people including the ones who are the owner of the factories are not having these problem with pollution. Chemicals around the world are affecting low income people because of Environmental racism.

A Lot of people are being deeply affected by this movement. For Example,“Environmental Justice” this article i read on pollution quote on quote said that Negro and White residents were limited to districts in their neighborhoods. Minorities have been placed in separate areas for a long time period and have been limited to resources due to low income, toxic waste and no help. These neighborhoods are being dumped with waste that no one wants from garbage sites within walking distance of their homes “garbage transfer stations that nobody had wanted near the black and Harlem neighborhoods dumped waste”. Garbage dumps and toxic waste sites tend to only be in low income neighborhoods. Toxic chemical levels are enormous burdens to babies,and children …show more content…

Studies also show that 27 percent hazardous-waste landfills nationwide, a third of capacity which is 60- percent and they were all located in primarily black neighborhoods. resources and article that I 've read stated that “the people in Richmond live within a ring of five oil refineries, three chemical plants, eight Superfund sites, dozens of other toxic waste sites”on the other hand the factory owners, Get to sit back,relax ,and enjoy their pay while these people suffer from unwanted

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