Epidemiology Of Outbreak: Salem Witch Trial (1692)

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Module 1 Assignment: Salem Witch Trial (1692)
The famous Salem Witch Trial took place in Salem Village, Massachusetts in 1692. This was one of the most notorious trials conducted in history. The damage was so profound that the trial bears the blunt for many years. During the investigation mostly women were accused by young girls of casting spell on them and practising witchcraft. As a result of spell the girls got delusional, stop eating, muscle spam, etc they explained it as a work of satan. Many witches were hanged and hundreds were accused. The court tried these women and hanged 19 of them before halting the prosecution and offered a public apology.
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Old women were accused of witchcraft and casting spell on girls. Number of cases was reported, 19 accused and more than 150 were tried in a court. Trepidation of punishment caused them to blame innocent person. Mass hysteria spread causing a chain reaction of accusing.
Epidemiology of Outbreak: Started in 1692 at Salem Village, Massachusetts. First started in two girls and then there was increase in number of cases. Older woman were accused as witches and casting spell on young girls causing these symptom. The accused and victims belongs to Puritians known for their rigid religious belief.
Collection of Data: Door to door investigation, collecting information from the victims, victim’s family, accuser and accuser’s family, Interviewing victims and accuser, taking statements and data from the Doctors. Including Local and Federal authorities and also people who has or has not played any role in the case. Follow up of the case and trials.
Data Gathered: Duration of outbreak, Gender involved, Race, Community ,Geographical area, Social Status, Economical status, Religious Belief, Staple Diet, Environmental Factors, External Factors like wars, land disputes, anxiety , Social status and vulnerability of the

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