Equality 7-2521 Vs Harrison Bergeron Essay

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Harrison B. and Equality 7-2521 want to help their society Equality 7-2521 and Harrison Bergeron are both men that have similarities and differences in their lives that others face today and I will tell you why.
Equality 7-2521 from the book Anthem is a man that had been taken away from his family since birth. Harrison Bergeron is very similar but Harrison was taken away from his family when he was 18 years old for trying to overthrow the government in his hometown. Equality 7-2521 is very special because of his actions that he take. Equality thinks very different like way different than anyone else because of the actions he will take will be part of his future. On chapter 9, it states “ We have not written for many days. We did not wish to speak. For we needed no words to remember that which has happened to us.” Rand, 9). This means that Equality 7-2521 is not really thinking about life. Equality 7-2521 wants to show that he is maybe thinking about how he should spend the rest of his life.
Harrison Bergeron is totally different and the same as Equality 7-2521. They both want to show and prove to their society that they want to fix and make their society better for the rest of the people in the town.
Harrison Bergeron was very athletic, very attractive, very smart, very tall, and is considered as a very
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Hia actions reflect to his government. Harrison wanted to overthrow his government because of the way they express themselves in the government. They want to keep everyone equal including the way the people think. Harrison hates that so he wanted to overthrow the government. Equality and his people are already average, people uneducated, people not knowing how their minds process things. Harrison wants to change the way their government treat people and they way they treat people. Harrison is trying to help their society and Equality is trying to do the same in his
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