Essay About Australia's Participation In The Vietnam War

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How did Conscription and the rise of the protest movement affect the lives of Australians in the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War started 1 November 1955 and ended 30 April 1975. 60,000 Australians participated in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was the longest twentieth century conflict.
Australia’s participation in the Vietnam war was not always widely opposed. As Australia’s commitment began to grow, conscription was starting to make up a large percentage of Australian men deployed and killed.

Because the public believed they were losing the war, in the early 1970s over 200,000 Australians marched in the streets of Australia’s major city’s to protest Australia’s participation in the war. In this period the United States of America’s Government …show more content…

It was not brought in to turn on Australia’s participation in the Vietnam War. Australia Contribution to the Vietnam war was very limited to members of the regular army in the early stages of the war . These action by the army left the public disinterested. It was only until the commitment increased to introduce national servicemen. In 1968 the Tet offensive inserted a widespread opposition to boost the develop of participation in the war Australia and the United States after 1968 started to wind there troops in from the battle field. At this period of the war it was when major protest was going on in Australia. Early 1970s when Australia was disengage from the war at the time of the moratorium marches. Before the war there have been lots of anti war groups most of these groups were unpopular. organizations such as save our sons were against …show more content…

In the beginning a largely disinterested public paid little attention to a war that involved very few Australian soldiers, especially as they were members of the regular Army engaged in a training role. At the same time, most Australians were wary of communism’s spread through Asia and when Australia’s commitment to Vietnam increased to a regular Army battalion in 1965 there was little negative reaction.
Early 1966 there was news that Australia is going to contributing a task force in Vietnam the expansion of this task to expand front line service for national serviceman. These actions triggered a rise in of anti war groups. 1967 Deployment of an extra battalion to Vietnam was broadcast. Communal opposition to the war increased. Policy decisions about Vietnam got influence by public protest. Early 1970s with Australia withdrawal from Vietnam on the way was the cause of nation wide protest by the name of moratorium marches. This protest took place in Australia’s major city’s even though all the protest Australia played follow the leader with America to get in the front lead after America decided to disengage from the war Australia was left with no other choice but to . Early 1968 Tet Offensive was establish by Viet Cong. Having the Tet Offensive released a lot of intensity through out the war of Vietnam. The Tet Offensive didn’t hang around very long it was defeated by a stick military raid of sense. The Tet Offensive fulfilled Americans along with there allies to sign a anti

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