Examples Of Lies In Huckleberry Finn

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There are many lies that go on in Huckleberry Finn some lies may be good but other lies are very bad. Huck is a boy from Missouri and Jim is a slave there in Missouri and Huck’s dad is not a very guy so when Huck decides to run away everyone thinks he has been murdered and at that time Jim decides to run away as well. Everyone believes that Jim is the one who murdered Huck but Jim and Huck are friends and they both meet up while on the run and Huck stays with Jim while Jim runs to freedom. The first lie is good and bad Jim lies about the dead guy in the house to Huck because the dead guy is Huck’s dad and Jim thinks Huck will leave if he knew about his father being dead. The second lie is a good lie where Huck lies to the old lady at st petersburg when Huck is running away about his name and where he is coming from and what he is doing. The final lie is bad because the two older men …show more content…

Huck lies to the old lady at st petersburg about his name and where he is coming from and what he is doing there. If I was in Huck’s position I would also lie about who I was if I was running away because he didn’t know if the old lady would tell others who he was and what his true intentions were. If he told the lady a fake name she wouldn’t recognize who he was so he could just go on his way without anyone knowing who he was and what he was doing. The last lie I found was a very bad lie by some very bad people. The two older men that jumped aboard Huck and Jim's raft lie about who they are and the older of the two guys said he was the King of France and the younger of the two said he was the Duke of England. The two were lying because they wanted to have privileges while aboard the raft. When in reality they were just a couple of con men on a get away journey. They were just using Huck and Jim for their raft and so they could go from town to town stealing more items and money from the people and then getting on the raft and running

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