Essay About Religion In The Philippines

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The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic nation. As a result, most of the traditions in our country run parallel with Catholic and Christian beliefs. Events like fiestas and processions, sacraments including Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Matrimony, and celebrations such as Easter and Christmas are now deeply rooted in the Filipino culture. Generally speaking, Catholicism has been attached to the Filipino identity from the moment the Spaniards introduced it to us in the 16th century. I grew up in a Catholic family—my parents and relatives are all Roman Catholics. In my younger years, I already remember my parents teaching me basic Catholic prayers and telling me stories or parables from the Bible. In addition, I spent my grade school and high school years in a Catholic school in Pasig. For ten years, we would pray before and after every subject and break time. Catholic retreats, recollections, seminars, and outreach events became a part of our student life, apart from having religion classes three times a week. In short, I grew up actively practicing the Catholic faith, with Jesus as the center and the role model of my life. I grew up believing that God, our Almighty Father, is the most powerful Being behind the creation of the universe—all of his attributes and characteristics are beyond measure. I grew up not doubting the …show more content…

During the low points of my life, where I am faced with trials and dilemmas, I tend to ask, “If God truly loves me, then why am I experiencing these challenges and problems?” On the other hand, while attempting to follow God’s teachings and doing good deeds, I find myself asking, “If God calls us to be his followers, why is it harder to think and do good than to think and do evil?” Finally, at times when I feel guilt or remorse for something wrong that I did, I ask, “Who are sent by God in hell? If so, why would God, a loving God, send anyone to

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