Essay About The Age Of Reconstruction

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The years following the Civil war brought about an enormous change to the very threads of our country. Nearly 5 days after the civil war ended, President Lincoln had been assassinated and our country was thrown into a great deal of turmoil, especially because our new president was the racist southerner, Andrew Johnson. We needed to rebuild our country from the death and destruction that had happened during the Civil War and the matter of the rights for the newly freed slaves would become a Pressing Issue in our country. Overall, the age of reconstruction was successful in bringing rights to African Americans in our country through the 14th and 15th amendments but was also a failure because of the continued hate and oppression that they would …show more content…

The age of reconstruction gave the black population in our country many new rights and now that they had all been set free, groups such as the freedmen 's bureau would help them get a good education as well as places to live and food to eat. They would be able to vote as well as hold positions of power in the government, and it was all thanks to the 14th and 15th amendments. The 14th amendment gave citizenship to those who had been born in America, including slaves, and became a stepping stone on the way to the 15th amendment. Once the 15th amendment had been passed, African Americans would be able to vote, and although this angered women 's rights activists, it was also a big jump towards total racial equality. Even though the rights of the African American population were improved 10 fold, our country wouldn 't’ reach that final step of equality until the civil rights movement of the 60’s and 70’s in our nation. Although the fact of rights for African Americans had been solved, they would still be oppressed, segregated, and even scared into not voting by greater Southern

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