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The book starts with the 1st Marine Division deploying for the amphibious assault on Peleliu, a largely forgotten but very contested island battle. Sledge then goes on to describe the physical and mental hardships of combat and discusses many “combat stories" and other key events as the marines capture Peleliu. After a month, the marines are victorious and return to their base on Pavuvu for several months of rest. There Sledge talks about how the rest is something he could get used to and something that could be an eternity for him. Sledge and the 1st Marine Division, with other marine and army divisions, then deploy for the amphibious assault on Okinawa, the destruction battle that would soon be closing out the pacific campaign. Sledge again describes the physical and mental challenges of combat complicated by civilian refugees, massive hidden fortifications, and a loyal defense to the death. After about two months in combat, the marines have their victory. Sledge then ends the book on the atomic bombs and times for reflecting on his experiences in the war. …show more content…

Sometimes there are periodic textual segments are inserted to line up personal memories with larger world events—the segments are presented in italic print and orient the events of the book in a larger historical framework/foundation. This evolves the writing into an interwoven piece of literature where you have the technicality of the war and the emotional side of war co-existing side by side. The sentence structure allows it to flow with an almost drone-like precision. With this drone-like precision Sledge can demonstrate the theme of “being a marine” or “the marine”. The grit and determination to fight for the man beside you and to give up everything you have and know for your country. This has a profound effect on me, the reader and it makes me contemplate why I wake up in the

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