Essay On African American Suicide

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It is often difficult to obtain accurate data for suicide rates among ethnic groups in various countries. Aggregated figures often hide major geographic discrepancies and variations in rates between groups within a country. For example, there are high rates of suicide among the aboriginal peoples of Australia and New Zealand compared with those of the colonists. This is also true in a number of populations from Indian diasporas around the world. The suicide rate among white Americans is double that of African Americans (there are disproportionately higher rates in older white men). Native Americans (including those in Alaska) have rates of suicide that are at least 50 percent higher than those in the white population.
In the United States, East Asian American women have the highest suicide rates of all women over the age of 65, while Hispanic Americans are half as likely to complete suicide as white Americans, but there are significantly higher rates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in young Hispanic Americans at high school, ideation and attempts which are now being reflected in their suicide rates.
Changes in suicide rates have also been reported in African American youths in the United States among those 10 to 14 years old: between 1980 and 1995 there was an increase that was almost double that for the …show more content…

Bedoon die every year because they are denied health care by the state. They have tried to draw attention to the problem by writing statements through social media and online newspapers asking for passports or money to get medications they need. Despite being a wealthy state, Kuwait’s health care system is ineffective, which it props up by sending citizens abroad for necessary health care, for which the state pays. Kuwait’s poor health care practices affect Bedoon and non-Kuwaitis

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