Essay On African Americans In Prison

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There are more African Americans in prison now, than there were enslaved in 1850. These individuals are not in prison because they are committing more crimes than their white counterparts, but because of a discriminatory system that targets african americans. Blacks can commit the same crimes as whites, but are more likely to be imprisoned and or receive a steeper sentence. This disproportionate racial sentencing has been a growing issue the United States for four decades, and started with the Reagan Administration's War On Drugs. Private prison organizations lobby for harsher punishments, and profit from the influx of inmates. With more African Americans in jail, this has had a crippling effect on the black community. The children of these inmates grow up without one of their parents, they to do poorly in school and have negative view on police officers and the law. African Americans are put in jail at a higher rate than any other race. President Trump has stated that he wants to enact a nationwide policy similar to Stop and Frisk. This would give officers the right to stop any pedestrian and search them regardless of …show more content…

Blacks are sent to jail for longer sentences than whites who do the same crime. Policies like Stop and Frisk put more blacks as risk for being racially profiled by police. As a result, communities have negative viewpoints of law enforcement and are less willing to be cooperative. The 3 strike laws of Florida and California target African Americans and play into the hands of for-profit corporations like the CCA. These organizations profit off of harsh sentencing and don't help inmates become better citizens. Having a parent in jail is traumatic for a child and can affect them socially and mentally. Statistically their grade point average will drop, and their likelihood of dropping out increases further bridging the gap for them reaching their full

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